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6.5+ Gross of a mix of so many different items that you'll be glad you did!


Package Includes:


Item Description    Quantity
LED Scrunchies    12
Blow Mold Bead, 21.5" 12mm MOT Bead wit PGG 60/80mm Ball    6
LED PGG Bead with Fleur De Lis    12
38" PGG Small Plastic Chain Bead    12
25mm Pearl White Blow Mold Handstrung Bead    12
Multi Mix Glass Beads    24
LED 48CM Light Up Foam Stick    24
11" Plastic Clapper    24
MOT BEADS - 48" 12MM Metallic Purple Green Gold Mix    360
Plastic Tiara    48
PGG 25mm Bouncey Ball    144
Plastic Metallic Sword 19"    48
3" Plastic Mardi Gras Duck W/Crown    24
Foam Mardi Gras Sword    12
46CM Bubble Wands    24
Flick-N Chicken    96
Mardi Gras Sunglasses with Lanyard    10
Purple Green & Gold Body Glitter Packs    12
PGG Tutu    12
Mardi Gras Silicone Shot Glasses    6
PGG Glass Stretch Beads    12
Light Up Expanding LED Sword    24


Available for Pre-order only at this time. 


Throw Dat Reserves the right to substitue items of equal or greater value. 

THROW PACKAGE "B" Complete Package - 6.5+ Gross

SKU: 2324ThrowPackageB
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