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How many throws to purchase is always the #1 question that we get when it comes to planning your Parade ride. 

It's extremely hard to gauge how many throws to purchase because there are some many variables: what will the weather be like, where are you riding (Uptown, Metairie, etc..), will you ride during the day or night, are you riding in a major parade that draws the most crowds, just to name a couple. 

We always recommend you chat with your Float Lieutenant (the person in charge of the float you are riding on) to see what advise they give you. Your Float Lieutenant is usually a seasoned Mardi-Gras Veteran and they know best - but below are some of our recommendations to consider based on our experience. We hope that you find this information helpful. 

Variety - Go with a variety of items... you never know what the crowd wants the most and it keeps your ride interesting!

Day vs. Night - If you're riding at night the crowds LOVE light-up items... and during the day you can throw just about anything (while abiding to Krewe and municipal rules of course). 

Rain vs. Sun - The die-hards like us will be out on the route whether it's raining or sunshine... but if it's going to be a bad weather day.... plan for less people being out along the route. 

Routes - Depending on where your parade is riding you can either have a 8 mile route or a 14 mile route. That makes a HUGE difference when planning throw amounts. 

Heavy vs. Light Thrower - Do you plan on throwing a little or a lot? Or do you think you could change your mind once you get started?  Really give some thought on this.... it's hard work throwing trinkets to crowds of hands eager to snatch up their new treasures!

Expectations - Does your Float Lieutenant or Krewe have an expectation of how much is thrown from your float? For example - if you're on a signature float - do they require that you bring a certain quantity with you? This could greatly influence your purchases.

Bead Sizes


Carnival: The season of Carnival - beginning yearly on January 6th and ending on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.

Captain: The leader of a Carnival organization

Krewe: A term for an organization within Carnival. 

Float: The big beautiful art that is created (usually themed) for a Krewe that people ride on during Carnival and throw items from. These are usually pulled by a tractor (previously mules) and made with canvas, styrofoam, or any other material that can be used to design the piece with. 

Float Lieutenant: The main person in charge of a float riding in a parade. The Lieutenant may also assign a Co-Lieutenant or Sergeant to assist them in tasks on parade day.

Den: The location (many times a warehouse) for some Krewe's where they store their floats or other items.

Throws: Any trinket, bead, stuffed animal or other items thrown from a float during a parade. 

Signature Throw: An item specifically made or designed with a Krewe's logo or name that members can purchase directly from a Krewe to throw off a float.

Plush: A generic term for stuffed animals.

Gross: 1 Gross of throws = 12 dozen (thus for every Gross you will have 144 items). 

Hand strung: A necklace made of individual pieces that are made by hand on a rope. 

Polystone: A medallion usually dangling from a necklace or bead that is painted or colored that is made of a poly-resin material. 

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